About Us

Mission Statement: EDGE for Lebanon is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance grass rooted, sustainable social development in targeted local communities, educational and governmental institutions through three lines of intervention: Awareness Campaigns, Capacity Building Activities and Project Implementation. The targeted audience will acquire self-sustained skills and means for need-tailored projects on the social local development level. 

1.     Why was EDGE established?

In the midst of a corrupted system, the needs of local communities and minorities are becoming trivial. This poses a real threat to the rural and suburban development of major areas. EDGE for Lebanon was established to be the leading partner of sustainable local development.

2.     What do we offer? What are our services?

EDGE for Lebanon:

  • Organizes and conducts development programs/projects and awareness campaigns in the field of local governance, social, economic, environmental and humanitarian advancement.
  • Publishes research papers, pamphlets and studies on local governance, social, economic, environmental and humanitarian development.
  • Organizes seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops and roundtables for training, experience exchange and trainings between relevant stakeholders.
  • Builds a network of expertise and stakeholders in the field of rural development in Lebanon and on the international level.
  • Cooperates with NGOs, civil society agencies, institutes and educational establishments locally and internationally on Local rural development.

 3.     Main funding resources:

  • Membership fees
  • Governmental support
  • Grants and aid programs

 4.     Who are the beneficiaries and/or targets? 

Our focus area at EDGE for Lebanon is Lebanon. As a new local organization, we aim to deliver effective and tangible results to communities and people in need. Our work is concentrated on the geographical area of Mount Lebanon, since we believe it is a region that is in need for positive change and progress on many levels. We specifically work with youth, children, women, municipalities and communities as a whole.

 5.     Why do you think people would want to help EDGE or advocate our work?

At EDGE for Lebanon we believe in the sustainable development of Lebanon’s local communities. People need new and effective tools to address the huge challenges they are facing. Therefore, our work is based on transformational change. We manage the money entrusted to us in the most professional way and are held accountable to both our donors and the communities we are serving. At EDGE for Lebanon we deliver timely and efficient results.